About Us

A Look at Village Market

Fresh Every Day

Village Market is your family supermarket that combines the very best of freshness and quality with traditional values and unparalleled service that only a neighborhood grocer can provide.

Behind the Name

The name Village Market was an easy one to adopt. It invokes images of old agricultural societies that collectively yield fresh produce, meat, and dairy products for the community. Teams of people work together to make sure everyone in the village in taken care of.

At the heart of every village is a market – the pulse of society. The shopkeeper greets you with a warm smile and is always sure to ask how your family is doing. The meat cutter knows exactly how you want your steaks cut. The baker offers fresh breads and sweets for you to bring home. Fruits and vegetables seem like they just came from the garden; the milk straight from the farm. While strolling through the market, you run into friends, family, and co-workers and catch up on the latest events.

At Village Market, we live and breathe these traditional values every single day. We treat you – our guest in our store – as if you are a guest in our home. You deserve only the very best.

Our Core Truths

  • We love people
  • We are a grocery store in the hospitality business. We don’t have customers, we have guests.
  • Our guests are our friends. Our associates are our family.
  • Our heart is in our community
  • We aren’t just in the community; we are a part of the community.
  • We will always be an active partner to make our community a great place to live and play.
  • We sweat the small stuff
  • No detail is too small, because even the smallest detail matters.
  • Our store will always be a fresh, clean experience for our guests.
  • Our Fresh Promise to Guests
  • We are good hosts. We are honest and real. We love what we do.
  • You are a guest, not a customer,. Customers visit stores. Guests visit friends.
  • We are ready to help our guests and each other.
  • We’ll take care of you like we’d take care of our own family.

Our 6 Passions

  • We are in the hospitality business.
  • We respect traditional values.
  • Fresh, high quality products are the center of our business. Fresh Every Day.
  • We want our guests to shop here.
  • Friendly, personal top-notch service is our priority.
  • We have roots in our community.